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@indiapattonn 3/26/18

@indiapattonn 3/26/18

i find it comforting that i hope for so many things to occur once again.. like how i hope so deeply that the sun will run across the bridge of my nose like it did this night. it’s hope that roots from everything existing beautifully. it stems from something temporary being so good that you want it to become a constant or something you have yet to experience that you want to sweep into your life. we will sit through life with different people, feelings, tastes and sounds, sitting perfectly in our hands but eventually they slip through our fingers. on these days the lines on our hands become more defined because our hold was just too tight. your knees will shake from the exhaustion of trying to hold yourself up simply so you can stare at what has fallen below you. hope has shown me that it’s so much more painful to pay attention to the slip instead of the initial grasp. imagine fantasizing about what could be rather than diminishing what was. this is what hope has done for me. - so i choose to sit here and recognize the clench i once had and hope that i can have that again rather than stare at what has slipped through my fingers. 
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Wearing our Chiffon Tied Up Blouse

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