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03/08/19 @alyshilts

03/08/19 @alyshilts

Happy international women’s day❤️
When I think of this day, I think of how much God loves us, and all the ways he broke through social norms and oppression to show his equal love and affection towards women. In Luke 7:36-50 Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and showed great love and forgiveness to a prostitute who broke through all social norms in order to weep at the feet of Jesus. In Luke 8:1-3 we see how these women traveled with Jesus to provide financial support for Jesus and his disciples throughout this ministry. God specifically created our bodies so that the Son of God could be brought into this world through us (blood of the mother and fetus never mixes). He shows his love to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, etc. He asks us all to be apart of his ministry in all sorts of ways. Even today God is still breaking through oppression and social norms to advance his kingdom through women and WOW I am SO blessed to be apart of it!! Also I am so blessed to have had such amazing women in my life who have brought me closer to Christ through their faith. One in particular is my mom. We have been through SO MUCH together and the trials that we did face, are what brought me to God today. Today is not about raising one gender higher then the other, it’s about giving thanks and appreciation to the women who helped shape you into who you are today in more ways then you could imagine 🌟 #singlemomstrong #womenshistorymonth

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